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Waste Paper Shredder (TT. DA)

Waste paper shredder is a device designed for decreasing infection spread and increasing health care staff safety and protection from infection and contamination, in the mean time making the hospitalization and treatment period more pleasant for the patient. 

What is waste paper shredder used for?

This device is designed in order to be used in reanimation units or other unites with patients having difficulty using the restroom. usually steel or plastic bedpans are being used for this kind of patients which should be emptied, washed, disinfected and stored by the health care staff. During these processes there is a high risk of infection spread and staff being infected specially during the pandemic. With the mean of protecting staff from contamination and controlling infection spread disposable paper bedpans are being used which are being destroyed with this device.

How does waste paper shredder work?

Paper bedpans after being used are thrown in the shredder. after the shredder is closed the system starts to work by filing the container with water, then with the help of steel blades shredder destroys waste papers to small pieces and empties the container to the sewage by simultaneously pouring water from the upper part of the device to clean to container.