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Electronic Devices

Suction C55

When it comes to a powerful but silent medical suction device, the C55 suction can be the first choice. The best raw materials in production, beautiful design and in accordance with European standards, show the realization of the company’s slogan as much as possible.
Utilizing safe cylinder and piston technology without the need for lubrication with a suction of 50 liters per minute, the long life of this device. Capability to use in the operating room and all wards of medical centers and hospitals except the neonatal wards.

Features :

  • Suction capacity above 50 liters per minute
  • Low noise while working
  • Safe operation in the long run
  • Use the pedal
  • Has adjustable vacuum level
  • High safety (Class II)
  • High speed in creating vacuum using cylinder and piston technology
  • Has an overflow barrier
  • Has two 3-liter jars equipped with Jar Selector
  • Can be used as a portable

Technical specifications :

  • Maximum vacuum: -90 Kpa / -675 mmHg
  • Flow: 50 L / min
  • Electrical characteristics of the electric motor: 220-240V AC / 50 Hz at 135w
  • Dimensions with Trali: 510x480x965 mm
  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Safety class: Class II / IPX1 / AP / CF
  • Operating temperature: 5-35 ºC
  • Moisture Performance: 15-90%
  • Fuse: 2 x 1