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ICU/CCU beds

Operating Table (TS.714)

  • Operating Table TS-714 is designed to support the patient during all surgical procedures and operations: General surgery , Vascular surgery , Endoscopy , Neurosurgery , Genecology , Urology and Orthopedic.
  • All table positions can be operated electrically by hand control . It is easy and smooth to operate all functions of table . (user friendly hand control permits quick and easy patient positioning) . IP66 , washable , lightweight.
  • Operating Table TS-714 is a battery – operated operating table which can also be connected to the mains.
  • Table – top bearing construction is entirely X-ray translucent with antistatic mattress. Operating Table is made of stainless steel , easy – to clean washable .
Operating Table Accessories photos
leg support
Arm support
Simple clamp
Rotary clamp
Stainless steel rotary clamp
Surgical head ring
Bed side support
Serum base
Neurosurgery Headrest
Eye surgery headrest
Anesthesia screen frame