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Electronic Devices

Cardioset ARAD P10

Cardioset ARAD P10 Vital Sign Monitor with various vital signs, functional rotary, shortcuts and 19-inch color screen , Provides the performance and accuracy you expect from a vital signs monitor and provides the best patient care process. This device can be used in the operating room, NICU, CCU, ICU, emergency room . It is also suitable for different age groups of adults, children and infants.


  • Very beautiful appearance and low thickness (7 cm)
  • Design based on the latest and most modern technology
  • Use the display “LED Wide 19 with high resolution, wide viewing angle and high brightness
  • Ability to work with city electricity and batteries and can be used as a portable
  • Use of eight ECG amplifier channels with the ability to display 12 leads simultaneously
  • Has a video alarm when the lead fails (Lead Fail)
  • Ability to install Nurse Call system
  • Communication with the central system in a two-way manner with high security through the LAN network
  • Function without fan
  • High-reliability software without the need for an operating system
  • High boot speed (5 seconds)
  • Ability to store and display ECG signal for up to 96 hours
  • Ability to store and display 100 times NIBP measurements
  • Trend feature for all parameters
  • Displays arrhythmias and ST segment along with dominant beat
  • Has Antiglare screen protector
  • Has a set of shortcut keys for fast operation with the device
  • Display output to connect to larger monitors simultaneously (VGA-HDMI)
  • Ability to connect to the central PBX system
  • Equipped with Li-ion battery with long operation (4 hours)
  • Support for the new mother board
  • Signal drawing speed 50, 25, 12.5, 6.5 (mm / s)
  • Light weight (less than 5 kg)
  • Ability to connect to PACS and HIS hospital systems
  • Ability to communicate with intelligent hospital systems
  • New and beautiful graphic design for the screen

Display parameters:

  • ECG + HR
  • SpO2 + PR
  • Resp + RR
  • NIBP
  • Dual Temp
  • Dual IBP
  • CO2

Optional Parameters:

  • BIS
  • (CO2 (Side-Stream
  • ICG
  • Remote Patient monitoring
  • ST and Arrhythmia Detection
  • Thermal Recorder