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Bandage and Gauze

Sterile Vaseline Gauze

This gauze is made from 100% standard bleached fibers cotton, woven in the amount of 17 or 20 threads/cm2 which is impregnated with medical grade white hygienic paraffin. This gauze is used for dressing of burn wounds, chronic and acute wounds. These gauzes are sterilized by Gamma-rays. The Vaseline existent in these gauzes keeps the wound moist and are completely harmless and non-toxic , does not cause any allergies or irritations on skin . The fabric used in this gauze are made of pure cotton and it can hold up to 75% by weight of Vaseline . Vaseline gauzes are produced and marketed in two forms of single-pads and multiple-pads . The packaging must be completely isolated and should not be in contact with air and germs . After sealing the closed lid and using it , the remaining Vaseline gauzes are considered non-sterile and will lose its reusability . In-between each Vaseline gauze is at least one suitable greaseproof paper placed to prevent the gauze pads from sticking . It is recommended to store the Vaseline gauzes in 30 degree Celsius .