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No. 6/1, Griboyedov St., Yerevan, Armenia

Stainless steel hospital and operating room equipment

Modular Packing Table With Electrical Jack

  • Made of stainless steel 304
  • A unique design with sedentary and stand-up position possibility for user
  • Capability of utilizing in CSSD and CSR sections of hospitals and clinics
  • Comprised of two double-layer and water-resistant sheets for hospital infection control
  • Height adjustment system:
    • 2 synchronized electric jacks
    • 1 control box
    • 1 manual controller
  • Equipped with two rolling stands with adjustable heights
  • Comprised of two drawers with telescopic rails under the main sheet
  • Equipped with three detachable baskets in different sizes and adjustable distances
Sizes mmABH
PTA 331800900770-1100

Additional accessories to be added on the order :

  1. Monitor arm
  2. three-way electrical interface for connecting electrical equipment such as sealer
  3. fluorescents LED lamp for lighting the working surface
  4. Magnifier with LED lamp to inspect surgical instruments
  5. Autoclave sterilization paper heat sealer
  6. Autoclave sterilization paper cutter up to 60 cm