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No. 6/1, Griboyedov St., Yerevan, Armenia

Hospital cabinets/shelves

Medicine Storage Cabinet (electrostatic paint coated)

  • Made of ST37 steel coated with antibacterial electrostatic paint , with stainless steel frame
  • Capability of utilizing in operating room , emergency section and other units
  • Comprised of 54 shelves in the mean of medicine storage
  • Comprised of 6 steel boxes in dimensions of 100*100*300
  • Comprised of 12 steel small boxes in dimensions of 100*100*150
  • Including a working table
  • Including a drawer with a secret rail
  • With four movable floors
  • With four electrical outlets
  • Comprised of two floor cabinet with a soft closing hinge and a lock on the bottom part of the cabinet
  • With four special hospital casters including two locking casters
Sizes mmABHHHCasters
PFI 3274047027019301930