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Bandage and Gauze

Hydrophil Gauze

This gauze is made from 100% standard bleached fibers cotton woven in the amount of 17 or 20 threads /cm2 and the fiber number of 20 or 30 . This gauze is folded in 8 or 16 layers . This gauze does not have any free thread heads at the margins . Due to to its high absorbency this gauze is used for blood absorption , absorption of wound secretion and absorption of disinfectant solutions in surgeries and exuded wounds . This gauze is available in two types 1.plain and 2. barium yarn and it must be sterilized by medical centers before use.

56710002With x-rayLayers20*207.5cm*7.5cm
56710004With x-rayLayers
56710101Simple8 5cm*5cm
56710102With x-rayLayers30*307.5cm*7.5cm
56710103Simple16 10cm*10cm
56710104With x-rayLayers