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Healthcare/Hospital Doors

Hermetic Sliding Doors

This type of sliding door is designed and produced exclusively for special
rooms in which their space should maintain a high standard of cleanness
and air pressure. Using state-of-the-art technology, these doors have a
very smooth motion and improve dirt, sound, and thermal insulation to
the desired level. It should be noted that these kinds of doors are also
suitable for meetings and conferences due to their excellent noise reduction characteristics.


  • Standard Acoustic design: Weighted Sound Reduction Index or Rw is the rating used to measure the sound insulating abilities of walls, floors, windows, and doors. For Betiss hermetic doors this index is 28 dB (up to 34 dB: optional) in the human hearing frequency which is the standard range for acoustic doors.
  • Innovative sealing method: Using unique material and extraordinary design, sealing quality is beyond desired limits. The sealing material is also secured resistance against detergents and disinfectants.
  • Unique Manual Handle: there is a manual handle on the door with a lever mechanism that eases the opening, and the door can be opened with just one move. There is also a return mechanism in the handle which turn it back to the neutral position.
  • Panel material: Foam or wood with 0.8mm HPL coating on both sides (optional 1 to 2 mm lead inlay for X-ray rooms and Radioisotope rooms)
  • Windows: there are many different sizes and shapes available for the windows:
    • Square standard sizes: 300 mm x300 mm, 300 mm x600 mm, 600 mm x600 mm, or other sizes upon customer request.
    • Round shape window with stainless steel frame (multilayer glass)
    • Frameless level glass (Insulated glass)
    • Window with opaque glass (Insulated glass)
    • Window with laser one side protection (Insulated glass)


  • Easy Programming: Programming of the operator is straightforward and can be done for different users and environments. Betiss also provides a graphical installation manual with a troubleshooting table attached.
  • Advanced Technology: The central controller is based on the newest CPU technology and has an advanced intelligent control system.
  • Minimized consumption: low consumption(120W), which allows the device to work even on a battery for a long time
  • Optimized isolation: which enhances the opening time to Help with air conditioning in cold and hot seasons.
  • Easy Integration: the ability to Integrate with Building intelligent systems such as fire alarm systems and building management systems (BMS)
  • Safety standards: this device can follow safety signals from up to 4 sensors, from radar detectors to infrared sensors, including Side panel safety according to EN12650.
  • Intelligent control unit: equipped with a self-diagnose system and a Memory for saving errors.
  • LCD: the operator is equipped with a character LCD to show the error list and door’s setting.
  • Well decorated cover: the operator will come with many different finishing such as steel, brass, anodized aluminum with customizing the design according to any architecture
  • Traffic controlled opening width: Using state-of-the-art software, the system settings will be changed according to outside weather and traffic to enhance the operation.
  • World-class Motion system: a complete DC Motor motion system, drive, and decelerator from “Dunkermotoren” made in Germany ensures smooth motion, endurance, and long life. This Powerful motor allows the steel carriers with a maximum load of 100Kg per door leaf. This Motor and drive system has a TUV certificate according to the following standards:
    • EC 61508-1 :2010, IEC61508-2:2010
    • ISO 13849-1:2015, 13849-2:2012
    • IEC 61800-5-2:2016
    • IEC 62061:2005 + A1: 2012+ A2:2015 + CSV/COR1:2015,
  • Line power: 110 to 240VAC 50Hz with 120W power usage
  • Remote control: there are also two remote control sets in every operator package to ensure easy door management. More remotes could be defined upon customer request.
  • Smartphone application: an exclusive application is designed for Android and IOS smartphones which have many capabilities besides changing door setting and acting as a remote control
  • Air curtain control: A designated output acts as a command for this device to have a coordinated operation with the air curtain.


  • Operation: adjustable to control unit, Pushbutton, No touch magnetic sensors, safety systems, remote control.
  • Control unit: Based on New AI Method with a self-diagnosis Controller can be programmed to change the operation.
  • Door default modes: Automatic, always open, always closed (with an optional lock), summer/winter mode, …
  • Adjustable final distance: The last space between door leaves could be adjusted to avoid trapping small parts of buddies like fingers and toes.
  • Airlock coordination: in this mode, two doors could operate simultaneously to airlock a space by not opening two entries at the same time


  • Obstacle avoidance: backward opening before an Obstacle collision with the maximum sensibility to keep passengers’ peace of mind.
  • Self-test function: auto checking of sensor reliability in every opening cycle
  • Adaptive speed control: controlling the speed of the door according to TUV guidelines to ensure optimum speed according to chassis weight.
  • Emergency Power failure: acting according to NFPA 101 version 2021 in the case of emergency failure to maximize safety. This includes an easy opening with hand and saving all presets in memory to continue regular operation afterward.
  • Easy integration with any Fire alarm system: in case of emergencies, this door could accept input signals from a fire IO device in the loop. There are input functions to support door opening and even unlocking the door in case of using the electrical lock. These inputs can operate to complete security systems with an option to lock the doors in security emergencies.


  • Uninterrupted use kit(UPS & Battery): due to the system’s low power consumption, it is highly recommended to use a backup battery or UPS for the system to operate in a power failure. The solo battery back is intended to use for a single time, and UPS is intended to keep the automatic door fully operating in case of emergencies.
  • Electrical Lock: An electro powered locking mechanism can be added to the system and be activated through the control unit. There is two selectable option for this kind of device in case of power failure: fail-safe (which will unlock to provide safety) and fail-secure (Which remain Locked to provide security). There are indicative LEDs to show the operation mode.
  • Mechanical Lock: An optional key and cylinder lock could easily mount on the system.


  • ISO 9001:2015 from URS company in the UK
  • ISO 10002 and ISO 10004 certifications from QS Zurich in Switzerland
  • International quality assurance and superior technology in the electronic security systems industry of ICS Europe in 2017
  • International “TQD Door & Windows certificates” from the ICMF group companies, in 2018
  • CE certificate for producing automatic doors according to
  • IEC60335-2-103