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No. 6/1, Griboyedov St., Yerevan, Armenia


Triple Step Equipment Washing Unit

  • Made of stainless steel 304
  • Capability of utilizing in solid utility room , hospital CSSD department and CSR section in clinics
  • Equipped with a large washing lever in dimensions of 50*60*30
  • Equipped with a large immersion lever in dimensions of 50*60*20 and a drain valve
  • With a immersion net
  • Equipped with two spring faucets and one shower faucet for easy washing
  • Equipped with polymer gun for compressed air with an oil free compressor
  • With polymer waterjet gun
  • Capability of inserting specialized waterjet gun with 8 nozzles suitable for surgical instruments for easy washing
  • Equipped with double-walled back wall with foam insulation in order to control the infection spread from the sink environment
  • Equipped with a porous drain gutter for placing tools
  • Equipped with a protective and movable shield along the sink to prevent water from splashing to the user in the mean of hospital infection spread control
  • Equipped with cabinet for placing solutions and adjustable bases
  • Equipped with cabinet door damper
Sizes mm ABHHH
PSK 35 B19507009001650